25-26 January, 2017

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Interview with David Noble

David Noble gave an interview on the current and future regulatory challenges in banking industry. Find out more and download the interview for free here. 

How should banks react to Brexit?

This article examines how the banks most affected can best prepare for the outcome of the implementation of Article 50

Interview with Hristiyan Karastoyanov

Hristiyan Karastoyanov, Associate Vice President in the Credit Risk Analytics department at Credit Suisse, gave an exclusive interview on the current possible post-Brexit scenarios and discussed how it will affect the risk management. Download the interview for free here.

Interview with Nigel Turner

Nigel Turner, Principal Information Management Consultant at EMEA, Global Data Strategy, discusses main challenges within financial industry and current trends in Big Data. Find out more and download this exclusive interview for free here. 

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Expert interview with Kathryn Kerle, Royal Bank of Scotland

As the head of risk reporting at the Royal Bank of Scotland, Kathryn Kerle knows what counts and where potential blind spots may lie hidden. Before speaking at our event in September we had the chance to sit down with here for a short conversation on risk mitigation and strategic...

St. Gallen Whitepaper

In a broad benchmarking study the University of St. Gallen developed a Framework for Corporate Data Quality Management (CDQM). It supports organizations in the assessment and analysis of remedies for missed opportunities and unexploited potentials of CDQM. This is especially important for banks dealing with the implementation of BCBS 239.

Risk Management How Tos Part 2

In the second part of our E-Book, we take a closer look at the implications of risk management for the board level and how banks can reposition themselves in their relationship with customers. Download the second part here for free!

Risk Management How To Part III - Your main objective!

In the third part of our eBook, we refocus on what really matters in the end. The main company objective and how it is tied to risk management! Download the 3rd part here and realign your mission statement with your actions!

Risk Management How Tos Part 4

In this - final - installment, we take a look at what we have read so far about setting up risk management, about setting up a risk culture and turn to how to implement it specifically. Take a look, reflect, learn and feel free to feed back to us!

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IFRS Taxonomy 2015

The International Financial Reporting Standards Foundation's own Kristy Robinson and Bartek Czajka explore the main aspects and key figures of IFRS Taxonomy for 2015 in their shared presentation. Download the full document right here or go directly to the IFRS website to learn more! http://www.ifrs.org/